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Host families are essential members of the Drifters team. Housing our student-athletes while they pursue their baseball dreams allows them to focus on developing as players. We look for host families who are dedicated to making our players’ summer a positive and memorable experience. Speaking with families who have hosted players for other teams in our league, it is clear these players become part of the hosts’ families. The players typically arrive at the end of May and will leave in mid-August at the conclusion of the season. The players will be on the road about 50% of that time. When the players are at home, they spend a lot of time at the gym or ballpark. So, the players will be spending a limited amount of time in your home. 

Benefits to Drifter Host Families

Besides from the obvious benefit of providing an opportunity for an elite baseball player to live and play baseball in our community, host families are offered several perks.




Host families will receive two free season tickets per player staying in your home (potentially more on a case by case basis).

The Drifters will be inviting you to the special events we hold throughout the summer, including some events just for you.

You will receive some Drifters swag, and you will receive discounts on all our merchandise during the summer.

Expectations of Host Families






Each player must have a private room for sleep and study. If you host two players, they each need to have their own bed. Each bed needs to have clean linens and have a pillow. Please make sure our players have privacy.

A private bathroom is not required. If a player is sharing a bathroom, they should be provided a place to store their personal grooming items and the door should lock from the inside for privacy.

Players must have access to the kitchen and utensils to cook and eat meals. Please provide players with adequate cupboard space and shelf space in the refrigerator to store their personal items. Ideally, you will share meal with the players you are hosting.

The players your host will need access to your laundry facilities. The Drifters expect them to do their own laundry, so they will need to use the washer and dryer at your home.

You are not required to provide transportation for our players, but please feel free to offer and help them arrange transportation as much as you are able to. It will be helpful if you are close to the stadium. The players will likely carpool if they do not have their own vehicle. 

Players' Expectations

Our players are expected to be a positive role model in the community and within our Host Families’ homes.

Our players are expected to follow and be respectful of all our Host Families house rules. If not, the Drifters will take corrective action with the player(s).

Our players are expected to pick up after themselves in your home. They are not expected to perform chores or work around the house.

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