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Host families are essential members of the Drifters’ team; housing our student-athletes allows them to focus on developing as players and pursuing their baseball dreams. As dedicated as our coaches and team staff, our host families ensure a positive and memorable experience.

Players become part of your family during their stay from late May to mid-August. They will spend about 50% of their time on the road during their stay, with most of their days spent in the gym or the field.


By providing an opportunity for an elite baseball player to play baseball and experience our community, our host families are given the following:


Host families will receive two complimentary season tickets per player staying in your home, potentially more on a case-by-case basis.


The Drifters will invite you to the special events we hold throughout the summer, including some just for you.


You will receive some Drifters gear and discounts on all our merchandise during the summer.

What is Expected from Host Families?

Players’ privacy is essential to making them feel comfortable and providing the best experience.


Players must have a private room for sleep and study. If you host two players, they each need to have their own bed with clean linens and pillows.


While a private bathroom is not required, the players will need space to store personal items. The bathroom must be able to be locked from inside to ensure privacy.


Access to kitchen appliances and utensils is required for the players. While they may cook and eat their meals, we hope you will share meals to make them feel like part of the family.


Players are expected to do their laundry and will need access to laundry facilities in the home.


You are not required to provide transportation for our players, but we hope you will help as you can. Players will likely carpool if they do not have a vehicle. 

What is Expected from the Players?

Our players are expected to be positive role models in the community and within our Host Families’ homes.

Our players must follow and respect our Host Families’ house rules. If not, the Drifters will take corrective action with the player(s).

Our players are expected to pick up after themselves in your home. They are not expected to perform chores or work around the house.